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Hand crafted Māori bone, shell, wood and jade carvings

Māori Jade Carving

Maori Jade Carving RangeThe beauty of jade is surreal with its semi translucent look and swirls of green that seem to float deep within the stone. 250+ designs to choose from

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Māori Wood Carving

Maori Wood Carving RangeNative trees have been used to carve everything from the giant Waka or sea going canoes to totems, decorations for meeting houses and weapons.

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Māori Bone Carving

Maori Bone Carving RangeBone carvings and artwork have a very special feel about them, unlike anything else you will ever experience. The Maori believe this to be the carving taking on some of your spirituality.

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Fundraising Hints and Tips

If your team is like most, and you are planning an end of season tour, you will need to fund raise to help cover the costs. But it does not have to be all work and no play, getting together with your mates and raising a few bucks for your end of season tour can be lots of fun. Here are a number of ideas that should help get you on the right track. But don't stop with these, there are many ways to earn a buck if you have a spare few hours and a team of willing troops - the sky's the limit!


Informatilon Sausage Sizzle

An old kiwi favourite; speak to a local store like the warehouse who often have a BBQ you can use then visit your local butcher who might even give you a discount on a large amount of pre-cooked sausages.


The Mad Butcher All local Community Groups can purchase BBQ Sausages at a discounted Price, bread, sauce, mustard and sliced onions are also available at everyday low prices. To receive the sausages at the discounted price groups must provide a letter highlighting their group and the reason for the fundraiser to show to the owner or manager of the store the sausages will be purchased from.


Informatilon Bag Packing

Head down to the local supermarket where most of the team shops, speak to the owner or manger telling him/her about the tour and ask if it would be possible for some of the kids to come down one weekend to pack shopping bags. Customers can then make a donation into the bucket if they wish; wear the team kit as you do it.


Informatilon Raffles

Raffles are another favourite with the old meat raffle sending many a team away on their end of season tours. Other great ideas include raffling rugby tickets, and also a sponsorship raffle where local businesses buy tickets for $50 and the winning business gets naming rights on your kit and becomes team sponsor. You can put the money towards the trip or a new kit.


Informatilon Carwash

Every weekend over the summer have a car wash with different people each weekend donating their time at the club or at a busy spot around town; a great way to gain some funds and a good laugh as well. And if your team is really motivated you could even get in to doing odd jobs around the community for a small donation.


Informatilon Car boot sale

Get everyone at the club to donate some things they no longer need that you could sell in a car boot sale at the club; you could even have a club day with all kinds of activities to help your team raise some extra funds, you will be surprised how many people will lend a hand when they know it's for a good cause. Let us know how you get on with any of your own ideas and we'll put the best ones on here. Good luck and happy fund raising!


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